What is Animal Communication?
Do you ever wonder what your animal companions are thinking?  What makes them feel happy and fulfilled? 
Let Karen connect with your animals on a deep level to find answers to these questions and more.  By telepathically ‘tuning in’ she can receive pictures, words and feelings transmitted by your pet in much the same way animals communicate with each other.  
This can help gain insight on and start to heal certain issues he or she may be experiencing.  By simply ‘being heard’ animals often experience a sense of relief and calm which can shift behavior and deepen relationships.

How Does an Animal Communication session work?
After booking a session with Karen you send her a picture of your pet with some basic information and up to 3 questions you would like asked.  During the session, whether in person or by phone, Karen will get quiet, connect with your pet and tap into his or her personality and favorite things. From there she will ask questions for you and listen for the answers.   She will also include an overall health scan. 

What is Included in a Healing Session?
Karen starts with Animal Communication and assessing his or her  energy system.  Depending on the imbalances or areas of concern she will implement one or more healing modalities best suited to create balance on the physical, emotional mental and instinctual levels.
These modalities include:

  • Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) energy therapy
  • Bioscalar Wave Technique
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/ tapping)
  • Sound Therapy with pair 5 tuning forks
  • Vibrational Therapy with OM tuning forks
  • Aromatherapy or direct application of Young Living organic therapeutic-grade essential oils